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My offerings come from the ways I've learned “into”this life. I believe I'm living what I'm learning and teaching what I'm living.

My core values are the core of my business. I'm an advocate for change in the world. I'm an advocate for things being in alignment with integrity. This isn’t always easy. But I'm clear that I want to make an imprint in this world that will ripple out into bigger work in the world. I'm an advocate for people to live their best life from the depths of their soul. There isn’t any fluffy BS in this. I mean it. 


YOU have all the answers within you! YOU ARE A CHANGE MAKER! You don’t have to stay stuck in small or big ways. YOU are a powerful being! Sometimes our patterns need to be tweaked a little like the strings on a guitar. It's my greatest joy to support your growth allowing your brilliance to shine through bigger and brighter! This allows the rest of your life to shift and shine in ways you dream of! Yes YOU CAN! I'm so excited to be a part of your journey and share this dance of life with you! 

shamanic intuitive Energy Medicine

We all have had traumas… This modality of healing helps us to heal and transmute the impact on the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual layers of who we are. My intention with these practices is to support each person to release the energies of traumas in our system and clear up the energy lines of our system. When we do this it creates more space for blessings and magic to come in and bloom into our lives in bigger ways. Congestion in the energy body can create a whole basket of issues or dis-ease in the body manifesting illness. Energy healing can be a huge catalyst for healing major illness. I am trained to support energy medicine but my intuition is guiding me to the spaces there is deep healing needed and what modalities will be best suited. 


Energy Medicine has an incredible impact on bringing the whole being into alignment again. The impact of this work is felt at a deeper level when you begin with more than 1 session.  Although I do offer single sessions, I recommend to begin this healing work with the intention to really go to a deeper level of healing than you may have before. Starting with a cluster of 3 sessions will give you a better chance to feel this healing work and move energetic imprints in the body. When we move the energy in this way you will feel your spirit live in more joy, more peace and more love for life. It is my souls joy to be your guide in supporting you through this journey of healing into you.

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empowerment transformational coaching

What does this offering mean? Is this life coaching? Is this something I need in my life?

“Life Coach” was a term that never resonated for me. I have been supporting transformational growth in individuals and groups for  20 years. But to take a training for this term “ Life Coach” Didn’t feel big enough to encompass my work to empower people to really move into living the best life they can from the inside out. I don’t mean this in a naive way or cliche way “Best Life” I mean this at a soul level! 

In this work I am not your therapist.. This is a team collaboration between you and me. It takes openness and commitment to the truth that lies inside you. The inside you at the core level. Where we unearth all the limiting beliefs that are holding you  in patterns of being within yourself and the world around you. This deep dive will transform your life in ways you couldn’t possibly feel into.


Are you feeling stuck in certain areas in your life? 

Do you feel that you are just moving through the motions of your life without feeling passion? Joy? Success?

Do you feel there is more you are meant to do in this world?

Are you struggling with work/life balance?

Are you feeling disconnected to yourself and your dreams?

Do you want to make changes but overwhelmed with where to begin?


This work will re-energize your whole life!

Psychic Medium Sessions

This is an element of my sessions with my clients. I will get psychic information from spirit or past loved ones. This is something comes in organically and is a part of my sessions.

What does a session look like?

This is a question I get a lot. I like to say it is a combo pack of all the tools in my tool belt. Since my sessions are intuitively led it can be energy healing, coaching, spirit guides sharing though me, yoga, voice work or toning, breath work, trauma release, sound healing and mediumship.We can have a starting place but spirit will take the led and take us where you need to go or step into in that moment for your healing. 

The Art of Decoding Your Gifts

This is my biggest passion! To support as many people as I can to understand their spiritual gifts and to activate them. To expand them and to use them in the world! 

We all have so many gifts, some we may have full awareness with and some we don't realize are part of our divine spice to be shared in the world. We need all hands on deck right now to bring healing and divine energy to this world. 

This training was created by my life experience as a intuitive healer and psychic medium.

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Voice of change

The Voice of Change offering helps you connect to your inner voice. The one that may have been silenced by yourself or others throughout your life. This voice is the voice of YOUR soul. When you begin to reconnect to this voice, the sounds of this voice and the actions of this voice your whole world begins to unfold in new empowering ways. The sound of our voice is one of the most powerful tools of healing we have already within us that isn’t being tapped into. 

Notice do you sing? What stories do you have about your voice? This work helps you find new ways to use your voice and not just singing but in listening and speaking in new empowered ways that change your whole life! This work is offered in one on one sessions and also workshops offered at studio throughout Florida. Angie apprenticed under Suzanne Sterling the founder of Voice of Change and co founder of Off the Mat.

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Angie has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. In early years before studios were accessible, her inspiration and instruction came from a poster on her wall. Yoga has always been the biggest healing tool in her life and being able to share this gift with her students has been one of the most beautiful blessings for her. Watching her students bloom through yoga fills her heart with so much love. She reminds her students to meet themselves where they are in their bodies and their hearts not a photo they see online which can intimidate some people. Yoga is for everyone. Angie believes the connection to true self and community strengthens and flourishes with every practice. Whether at home, a studio, the beautiful mountains or the healing ocean, Yoga is always with you. Angie is constantly growing her knowledge of yoga and has studied with many teachers to elevate the journey for her students. She is currently 200 hour RYS certified under the direction of Leslie Glickman, as well as certified in Chair and Yin yoga.  Her classes usually include the healing tones of mantras and sound bath of singing bowls.

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sound healing

Sound healing can help reduce stress and the wrestle of the mind. It allows you to fully feel peace and rest in your whole being. This deep state of peace allows you to reboot and really reset the nervous system. Angie has many modalities she uses with this including crystal sound bowls, drums and singing. Her voice will transcend you into a deep space of healing while being supported by her loving and nurturing energy. You will find this element is all of her classes and workshop offerings. She offers this for groups, retreats and healing experiences.  

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Conscious couples sessions

This sacred practice of connecting to yourself and your partner changes the whole way you live in the world. Not only does it give you your own healing tools but it supports you connecting and healing with your partner in a new way. This changes your relationship, your family and the way energy flows into your life. In these sessions you will learn ways to connect to your partner in ways you have been dreaming of. You will create a deeper way of being and loving to yourself and each other.  Angie will guide you with tools that she herself has used in her relationships to create deeper connection and love. 

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