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Angie Greenfield

Passionate About

Inspiring Others

Angie has been in the healing arts her whole life. Even as a little girl she felt called to bring her hands to others in a healing way, which invited her to grow into her gifts. She believes the connection to one’s true self dwells at the heart of the healing process of connecting to your own essence. Often times this connection can become blocked at an energetic level and thus difficult to access solely through dialogue-based treatment approaches. As a Shamanic Intuitive Energy Healer, Angie accesses and harnesses universal life force energy to remove congestion caused by traumas stored in the body, thereby restoring one’s natural energetic equilibrium. As well as using energy and vibrational medicine with her clients, she's discovered the immense power in our voices. The connection to this part of ourselves is the true connection of who we are. She uses many modalities to help facilitate with each client on how to use the sound of our own bodies to clear energy channels, recreating patterns of energy, which changes the vibration of our life. The effect of this work is profound and it is her utmost joy and passion to share it with those who feel called to receive it. 


Yoga has also been a huge part of her growth throughout her life since she was 18 when there wasn’t the same access to yoga classes. She had a poster on her wall which taught her about different meditation and yoga practices. Yoga's major impact on her life lead her to yoga teacher training. She has since been a lead teacher and mentor in yoga teacher trainings in South Florida. Angie is constantly growing her knowledge of yoga and has studied with many teachers to elevate the journey for her students. She's currently 200 hour RYS as well as certified in Chair and Yin yoga. She's a certified Empowerment Coach where she empowers people to connect to their own strengths/dharma and make changes in their lives in a big way. She's also a Voice of Change Facilitator, teaching one on one sessions and workshops on the power of our voices, the sound of our voices, and finding and speaking your truth. 


Most recently, she created The Art of Decoding your Gifts aka Magic School, where students can learn the art of decoding their gifts. The energy of her healing helps her clients/students connect to themselves in ways they never have, transforming their lives and our community.



  • 200RYT Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher

  • Certified Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin Yoga & Chair Yoga

  •  Reiki Practitioner

  • New Earth Medicine Woman


  • Certified Empowerment~Spiritual Coach 

  • Voice of Change Facilitator

  • Shamanic Sacred Woman Facilitator

  • Mu~Wheel Shamanic Intuitive Soul Reader Practitioner

  • Sound Healer 

  • Psychic Medium

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