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Sacred Reset Retreat

Sacred Reset Retreat
a deep dive into your spirits journey

October 8th-October 12th, 2021

Georgia Mountains at the Heartwood Retreat Center

Join Angie, as we gather in the Georgia Mountains at the Heartwood Retreat Center! 

October 8th, 4pm through October 12th, 10am


Use this time to connect to yourself with the vibes of Fall under the the starry nights sky!  


This Sacred Reset Retreat will be set in the beautiful Georgia mountains at the Heartwood Retreat Center. This stunning healing center has a beautiful yoga shala, fire pits, outdoor shower, hot tub and sauna.

Gourmet homemade vegan meals (fish also included).

The energy of the mountains with the essence of Fall will be a great place to reset your spirit. There will be hiking, yoga, camp fires, ceremonies, meditation, conscious connections and a deep dive into your spirits journey. I will leave some of the fun and inner work as a mystery to keep you out of your mind and in the presence of the experience. All meals are included. 


Early Bird Registration Investment  $1,444 Good through July 1st.

After July 1st Investment is $1,644

Investment Deposit of $500 due by August 1st, 2021 

Rates are listed as double occupancy. Single Occupancy is available inquire with Angie. 

Payment plans available. 

For more info on the Sacred Reset Retreat, fill out the contact form below by CLICKING HERE

Couples Tantra Immersion 

Hey Baby! Let’s Do It! A Conscious Communication Retreat for Couples

Retreat Weekend 

TBD on venue and pricing.  

Are you looking for ways to connect to your partner in a new way? 

Do you find yourself having broken record conversations? 

Do you want to communicate about sex in a way that you feel heard and supported?  

Do you want to connect to your partner in a deeper way?

Do you want to break old patterns in how you communicate?

Do you want to really find more fun? More sex? Less tension in your relationship?


If you answered yes to many of these this is a great place to start this new chapter in your partnership. I myself have had these patterns in my relationships and have found some powerful ways to connect to my partner.  It can be hard to see where there is space for growth when we have been conditioned to communicate in certain patterns.


The workshop leading up to this retreat will be a way to be heard, seen and connect to each other at a new level. To consciously be in relationship instead moving through the motions of life. It can be challenging to do this on your own. Couples counseling is a GREAT place to work through issues but sometimes just being there can create an energetic charge that creates more tension. You'll be able to create a sacred brilliance in your partnership. Yes we will talk about sex! Sex is an important part of us as humans and also partners.

The virtual workshop and this retreat will give you so many tools to create lasting changes in the bond of your life together!


The virtual workshop will lead into a 4 week series and then this weekend couples retreat in the Fall hopefully in person (when the world begins to spin again).

4 week Series leading into this TBD

Mondays at 7pm. Monday can be a busy day but it also a powerful day to begin the week with intention!

For more information on the Couples Retreat, fill out the contact form below by CLICKING HERE

divine feminine retreat


Are you looking for a space to be loved, supported and grow from that? Do you feel that you haven't really tapped into you feminine side because you are always getting things accomplished? Do you feel that many of your conversations with your girlfriends isn't really about growth or how to feel supported in the wounds of your path? Do you feel that you have let life slip by and not feeling connected to the divine within you? This gathering of powerful and graceful woman will change how you connect to this energy within you. You will begin to open doors within you and in a community of beautiful empowered  woman. This weekend under the Full Moon, we will harness and feel into the rhythms of who we are and how we can use this beautiful feminine energy to grow within our own spirits and with each other.