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Sacred Reset Retreat


Sacred Reset Retreat
a deep dive into your spirits journey

St. Augustine, Florida 

May 3rd-7th 2023

On this Sacred Reset Retreat, we will be learning or exploring ways to connect to the energy of our spirit and also the energy lines of this beautiful place. 

If you have been intrigued by grid work this will be a beautiful time to connect to this work for yourself and as a group.

There will be yoga, meditation, sacred ceremonies, connecting to the power of your own energy and learning how to use that for yourself and the healing of this world. 

Angie will share energy medicine practices and teachings to connect to your own power through energy and voice and your guides.

Lodging and food will be included in the pricing. 

Transportation will not be included. ​

Sacred Reset New Years

divine feminine retreat


Are you looking for a space to be loved, supported and grow from that?

Do you feel that you haven't really tapped into you feminine side because you are always getting things accomplished?

Do you feel that many of your conversations with your girlfriends isn't really about growth or how to feel supported in the wounds of your path?

Do you feel that you have let life slip by and not feeling connected to the divine within you?


This gathering of powerful and graceful women will change how you connect to this energy within you. You will begin to open doors within you and in a community of beautiful empowered women. We will harness and feel into the rhythms of who we are and how we can use this beautiful feminine energy to grow within our own spirits and with each other. 

Location and dates TBD

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