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Center of the Heart

Your Inner Voice is the Heart of Your Spirit!

Speak from that! Sing from that!

Live from that! 

Angie Greenfield

About The Center of the Heart

My lifelong passion is to support healing around me. It's been through my own journey of healing that I've been able to connect and gain access to knowledge of tools that support my clients and students on their path.

I believe that my work is to be a guide back to your soul. The real you, the one who is buried under all the layers of who you are not. To help you integrate your mind, body, spirit and heart to be able to live in JOY! Joy from the depth of your being.

By connecting to your true self and your unique gifts the ripple effect of your life will change the world around you.

Blessings to YOUR heart,


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The Art of Decoding Your Gifts 

Returns this Fall  2024

Are you unlocking new spiritual gifts and looking for a safe place to lean in and learn how to expand these gifts? 

The Art of Decoding Your Gifts is an 8 week series designed to help you to series designed to help you to connect and explore in your spiritual gifts. 

Have you felt things through out your life or in the recent past that cant be explained? Have you been told your gifts aren’t real? Do you have anxiety being around people or in high energy spaces? Social anxiety? Did you ever think it could be because you are empathic or highly sensitive?


This training is a great place to start or expand even bigger into what your special recipe of spiritual gifts are! We all have so many parts of us that have been asking to be unlocked and opened! It can be scary to do this on your own. It can be overwhelming trying to navigate it without support! I know I was there! :) 

I will share lots of technics that I have used in my evolution of connecting and expanding my gifts. And you get to do this in a safe container with feedback, decoding and encouragement of growing into yourself! All of us have our own recipe of how our gifts are channeling through us that is unique to YOU! Right now more than ever we need all hands on deck! Even if you feel you don’t really connect to your intuition yet or have a lot of questions about what that even is, we will unpack this together! It is so liberating to begin this journey of self discovery! It is really quite magical! 

It is my deep honor to share this experience with you and be a witness to the unfolding of you and your magic in this world! 

For more information and registration 

What clients are saying

"I will forever be grateful to Angie for what she has done for me. I was referred to Angie by a colleague during one of the lowest points of my personal and professional life. Until then, I was always very Type A, feeling successful by being in control.  Also, as a practicing Internal Medicine physician, I had always believed that there had to be a scientific explanation for everything. When I found myself lacking direction and feeling “cracked”, I reached out to Angie for help.


To this day, I cannot fully explain exactly what Angie did or said during our first session, but I do know that it was life-altering for me. After one session with Angie, I was able to open my heart and my mind to the possibility that I could be OK without needing to be in control.  I also realized that, even in my darkest hour, I was safe, loved, and supported.  This was a turning point for me, as it gave me the courage to let go and to trust where my heart leads me.


Since that time, I have come to find myself surrounded by angels. I will always remember Angie as the guardian angel whose bright light shined and illuminated my path to wellness" - Karen Flannery, M.D.

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